Horizontal and Vertical Leadership Development

What is it and how can it help?

Courage and Spark© and vertical development

Intellectual understanding on its own rarely creates a shift in personal capacity. Just as reading about emotional intelligence, and understanding the concept, doesn’t necessarily lead to an improvement in EQ, reading about developmental theory doesn’t transition you to the next level, or change your centre of gravity.

Growing your mind usually has to begin with freeing the mind in the first place.

Many of us are captured in some way. We may be struggling with a combination of:
  • External circumstance
  • Historical experiences which continue to impact in present time
  • The story we tell and re-tell about ourselves
  • Our possibilities
  • Difficult market conditions
  • Expanding responsibilities in leadership roles
  • Ever complex decision making processes
  • Ingrained negative personality traits
  • Being stuck at ‘the front line’
  • The world in general

There are times when we have to alter some of those material circumstances of our life to become freed up again. What we may miss is that these exterior changes don’t always transform our lives. In these circumstances we need to be looking elsewhere – inwards. We come to recognise that the breakthrough we’re looking for has to be an interior change.

Courage and Spark© has been the vehicle many people have found for addressing that interior change agenda.

Courage & Spark