3. Is the way you’re working, and living, working?

The personal sustainability space

The leadership connection

This is one of the most challenging issues facing leaders today and there are rarely any easy answers in this space. At the same time, the costs of serious imbalance can be profound in both work and wider life contexts. During this part of the programme we invite you to consider the changes you may need to make to re-balance your life and work.

Our focus is also on healthy self regulation – how well, or otherwise, you look after yourself physically and equally important, psychologically and emotionally, especially in these four key areas:

  • Hope
  • Optimism
  • Self efficacy and
  • Resilience

“I can get panicky when I stop – have to go through a pain barrier. It sometimes feels easier to just keep going”

“If I delegate more to my senior leadership team, and I should do this, it will only make it more intolerable for them. They’re already over-stretched and very tired. I don’t know how to solve this”

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