How to Develop Leaders in your Organisation

Current, senior leaders

“Courage and Spark created a seismic shift in how I understand myself and by extension my relationship with others.  It was the deepest and most profound experience of self-learning.  The connections I made with myself and with others will live with me forever”.

One of the great challenges, and enjoyments, of organisational leadership is that you need to pay attention to so many important yet disparate things; material and financial, personal and human, tangible and intangible, inner and outer.

Overarching this, you also hold the larger context of care – what is increasingly known as holding the space.

Against that background, leaders can lose sight of a critically important agenda – the need to also pay attention to themselves.

This effective leadership development experience provides senior leaders with…

  • A space to slow down and connect with yourself in a deeper way.
  • Time to reflect on your leadership story, and what you want the new story to be.
  • A place to grow and make important personal breakthroughs.
  • An opportunity for those bigger questions and conversations.
  • An opportunity to connect with others and get a sense of group and community.
  • A time to get some of the help that may still be invisible to you.

“I want to tell you that I “renewed” myself on Courage and Spark”.

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