How to develop leadership skills

Aspiring transformational leaders development program

  • From the organisational standpoint, this learning experience integrates into company-wide talent development processes.
  • Courage & Spark can also play a significant role in supporting succession planning.

The examined life and the governance step

  • Discover your authentic self by exploring who you are and how you show up – we call this the examined life.
  • Find out what’s yours – what you own and, who you want to be.
  • Identify when you feel most present, vital and alive.
  • Grapple with what governance means to you.
  • Understand leadership as beyond role, strengths and weaknesses, and as much about a decision of how to live life, how to be.
  • Connect your values and purpose to your leadership.
  • Understand your signature presence and impact
  • The importance of being the change you want to see.

“Starting to talk about these issues is something that I have found very difficult previously. But, working in a small group was liberating. It demonstrates how many really good people we have in our organisation”.

Develop good leadership skills, adapt your strengths and weaknesses

  • Take a close look at leadership style and the style of other successful leaders.
  • Understand yourself and what it means to be an effective leader within your business – discover potential problems
  • Gain a clearer vision and become a stronger role model your team members.
  • Improve your leadership skill, your communication skills, unlock your personal key to success.
  • Holistically enhance your skill set, body language, listening skills

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