Peter Bluckert

Founder and Executive Chairman

The founder of Courage and Spark©, Peter has created and led four successful international organisation development consultancies.

During a consultancy career spanning more than thirty-five years, working with executives and teams from a wide range of private and public sector organisations, Peter has built a reputation as both a thought-leader, practice-leader, and innovative designer of transformational learning experiences.

Improving standards in the field of Executive Coaching

His desire to see improved standards in the field of Executive Coaching led him to join forces with other coaching pioneers and co-found the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) in 2000 and he remains committed to this work.

Best described as a Practitioner, rather than Academic, he believes that good theory strengthens good practice and has published two coaching books (Psychological Dimensions of Executive Coaching and Right Here Right Now: Gestalt Coaching) and several journal articles. He is regularly asked to speak at International Conferences and has delivered presentations and programmes in Europe, the US, Asia, The Pacific, and Africa.

In his own words…

“I like to create unforgettable, life-changing experiences where people come back to themselves and forge deep enduring connections with others.

Ultimately, I think this work is about humanity, and my mission is to bring it to more people both within and outside of corporate life. I think we should be bringing it into people’s lives much earlier through our education systems, working towards it being an integral part of professional development programmes, and making it widely accessible to the general public.”

A holistic approach to vertical growth and development

I strongly believe that a holistic approach to vertical growth and development can be an influential force for good in the world.  However, it’s primary location in the leadership development space, combined with its present focus on ‘growing bigger minds to keep pace with increasing complexity’, is too small a canvas if vertical development is to fulfil its potential as a body of theory and practice. So, I think we need to change the conversation and broaden it out.

I offer these starting points:

Clearly, leaders need all the high-quality help and support they can get to meet the demands of their roles, and those they will move into going forward, so that there is less likelihood of a mismatch between role complexity and their current capacity.

Helping build the new capacities to deal with the ever more challenging ‘wicked’ problems of our time is a significant part of the remit for vertical development. And…

We need to go beyond the corporate leadership space.

There are many people in all walks of life and all ages who are coming to recognise that they have outgrown their own container, and are actively looking for ways to grow. So, the much larger canvas I want to invite you to join me on here is the transformative and evolutionary journey of human growth and fulfilment of potential. And this, in turn, requires a holistic approach to vertical growth and development.

Welcome again, and I wish you well.

Gestalt Coaching: Right Here, Right Now

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Psychological Dimensions To Executive Coaching

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