The rationale

It can make a real difference to leaders and their organisations, if they are able to deepen their emotional and psychological development through exposure to an intensive personal growth experience. Engaging with deeper personal development work can fundamentally alter the course of people’s careers and their wider life relationships.

Sustainable change

Behaviours change and leaders grow their capability when their awareness and consciousness is raised. Sustainable change comes about through developing the inner leader in order to become a great outer leader.

There are few programmes of sufficient depth and quality available to leaders where they can really get to grips with who they are, what leadership means to them, and what kind of leader and person they really want to be.

Emotionally and socially intelligent

This learning experience equips leaders to become more emotionally and socially intelligent and to understand the importance of nurturing and creating resonant team environments.

They fulfill their own potential, help others to do the same, and form a connection with people that energises, motivates and inspires them to achieve great things. They know how to support themselves and others effectively.

“Very insightful and enables deep reflection. A great programme, and I only wish I’d had this opportunity earlier in my life”

Courage & Spark