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Welcome to Courage and Spark

Our Courage and Spark team are practice-leaders in the ‘how’ of vertical growth and development.

You’ll find a range of articles, publications, and downloadable resources in the Knowledge Centre.

If you are looking for transformational experiential programmes, individual coaching, or senior team development from a vertical perspective, you’ll find that in our Corporate, Practitioner and Personal development offerings.

Why Courage and Spark?

Courage? The nature of ‘inner-work’, deeper self- exploration, is of itself a courageous act. Many people avoid it if they can, and only do it as a last resort. However, for those looking for growth and development, Courage & Spark provides that space.

Spark? When people really re-connect to themselves, almost like coming back to themselves; when they get unstuck; and get in touch with their purpose and vision, there is a release of energy. You can often see the moment when the spark occurs. Re-ignition.

Leadership Programmes and Vertical Development Coaching

Since 2010 our signature leadership programmes, and vertical development coaching, have been delivered to managers and leaders in a wide range of organisations across three continents.

Our purpose and mission

Our purpose:

To consistently deliver transformational, life-enhancing experiences that awaken and reconnect people to what’s most important.

Build the personal and leadership capacities we all need today and for the future.

Our approach:

Is grounded in the Gestalt tradition, and the cornerstones of this work are deeper self-awareness, and fuller, stronger contact with self, others and our environment. 

We share the sentiment expressed so well by Richard Rohr that ‘transformed people transform people’

How we work:

We deliver this work through intensive, deep-dive workshops and through 1-1 and team coaching. Our signature vertical leadership development programme, Courage and Spark© has been run in a range of major organisations around the world, and is also offered as an Open Programme.

In addition, we write and publish innovative content in the field of personal and organisational transformation. The Knowledge Centre on this website contains a sample of this material.


We are open to building alliances and partnerships with other organisations which define their overall purpose as transformational work whether that be in the personal and organisation development spheres, in the rapidly growing ecological movements, or in the wider psycho-spiritual space.

Please feel free to make contact and explore ideas and potential connections.


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Guide to Vertical Development - Book Cover


Developmental psychology theory and its applications to organisational leadership in a clear and accessible way.



This intensive experiential programme is one of the very few vertical leadership development programmes anywhere in the world.

PROGRAMME Description

Gestalt Coaching: Right Here, Right Now

A unique perspective on how to become a better coach using Gestalt techniques. An accessible yet critical examination of the Gestalt approach

Psychological Dimensions To Executive Coaching

Examines the impact of a stronger psychological approach to coaching, explore the key psychological competencies required and how to develop them

Courage & Spark



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Respond to Practice Leaders in Vertical Growth and Development

  • Workshop participant says:

    You cannot change to someone you’re not. I’ve finally stopped trying to be a person I’m not

  • Workshop participant says:

    What I came to see was that my previous strategy of hiding myself could have a worse consequence than taking the risk to show myself.

    By showing myself I risked losing my job – and I definitely didn’t want that. But by not showing myself, I risked losing myself

  • Workshop participant says:

    The intensity of the week was huge. I am in such admiration of what you are doing and I want to say that I think you and the whole team are just very special people

  • Workshop participant says:

    I’m feeling motivated again with a good energy

  • Workshop participant says:

    I feel more freedom of choice, not trapped and captured as I felt before

  • Workshop participant says:

    In the past I worried too much and was really stressed. I’m a different person now – more accepting of things that have happened in the past

  • Workshop participant says:

    I have found that I am much calmer, and I still feel a real feeling of having let something pretty big go last week. I treasure my feedback, which helps me with any moments of self-­doubt

  • Workshop participant says:

    I will always be indebted to you and what you helped me deal with, it changed my life… Seriously!

  • Leadership and Talent Director, Global Services Sector Company says:

    We are extremely proud of what we have achieved to date and delighted that we are achieving a sustainable change in our leadership culture and our business performance.

    This leading-edge learning experience has produced a significant impact on the bottom line. The company is on a strong trajectory of growth and development – our current growth levels are the highest they have been in the last 10 years. Courage and Spark has absolutely been part of the turnaround story

  • VP, Leadership and Talent, Global Retail Company says:

    There is a real change in our leadership culture. Relationships at the top of the company are fundamentally different now. Conversations are happening that just would not have taken place in the past

  • Area District Manager, Global Services Sector Company says:

    Through the years in the two Fortune 500 companies I have had a lot of Leadership Development Training, but nothing holds a candle to the week I spent on Courage and Spark.

  • Retail Director says:

    I’ve done so much development over the years, mostly horizontal learning, but this is the missing piece.

    An amazing week. It’s revolutionary.

  • Elite International Rugby Player says:

    I will always be indebted to you and what you helped me deal with, it changed my life… Seriously!

  • Executive Director, Global Telecommunications Company says:

    A powerful and beautiful programme

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