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At Courage and Spark, we are committed to providing holding spaces where people can grow and develop; re-connect with themselves and what’s important to them; deeply connect with others; and find the conversations they have been yearning to have.

  • Our core expertise lies in three areas: personal transformation programmes for current and next-generation leaders, one-on-one developmental coaching and group and team facilitation.
  • Our approach is grounded in the Gestalt tradition and underpinned by vertical development theory and practice – both of which are explained in the Knowledge Centre part of this website. You’ll find a range of articles, publications, and downloadable resources there.

Why Courage and Spark?

Courage? The nature of ‘inner-work’, deeper self- exploration, is of itself a courageous act. Many people avoid it if they can, and only do it as a last resort. However, for those looking for growth and development, Courage and Spark provides that space.

Spark? When people really re-connect to themselves, almost like coming back to themselves; when they get unstuck; and get in touch with their purpose and vision, there is a release of energy. You can often see the moment when the spark occurs. Re-ignition.

Leadership Programmes,  Development Coaching, and Group / Team Facilitation

Since 2010 our signature leadership development programme, Courage and Spark, has been delivered to managers and leaders in a wide range of organisations across three continents. We have also been delivering executive coaching and team facilitation since the 1980’s, and have trained several thousand internal and external coaches and facilitators.


This intensive experiential programme is one of the very few vertical leadership development programmes anywhere in the world.

PROGRAMME Description

Position statements on leaders and leadership

  • Current and future leaders need all the support and help they can get to meet the demands of their roles and those they will move into, so that there is less likelihood of a mismatch between role and capacity. Helping build new capacities to deal with the ever more challenging and demanding leadership context is at the heart of our work.
  • We support Richards Rohr’s statement that “transformed people transform people”. Our mission is to facilitate personal transformation through our Courage and Spark programmes, developmental coaching, and group/team facilitation.
  • Our experience over a thirty-five-year period of organisational consultancy tells us that it is transformed leaders who transform their organisational cultures – as well as their performance – and they almost always deeply understand the connection between the two.
  • We also support Kofi Anan’s statement that “you are never too young to lead, and never too old to learn”. Our belief is that leadership is not simply a question of role, seniority or hierarchical position, but a life decision – one that many people, young and not so young, take in every walk of life to try to improve themselves, their organisations and the World. The ‘leadership decision’ can also be a response to a sense of disillusionment and lack of confidence and trust in current organisational and political leaders due to incompetent, failed and unethical leadership.
  • Working on an altogether bigger canvas, social change leaders facilitate cultural transformations at the societal and global levels. Leaders capable of this impact are still in rare supply. Yet we have an urgent need to accelerate the growth and development of such people who are often distinguished by their maturity, vision and perspective, courage, compassion, skill and sensibility, and wisdom.

Our purpose and mission

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Our purpose:

To consistently deliver transformational, life-enhancing experiences that awaken and reconnect people to what’s most important.

Build the personal and leadership capacities we all need today and for the future.

How we work:

We deliver this work through intensive, deep-dive workshops, and through 1-1 developmental coaching, and team facilitation. Our signature vertical leadership development programme, Courage and Spark has been run in a range of major organisations around the world, and is also offered as an Open Programme.

In addition, we write and publish innovative content in the field of personal and organisational transformation. The Knowledge Centre on this website contains a sample of this material.

Our approach:

Is grounded in the Gestalt tradition, and the cornerstones of this work are deeper self-awareness, and fuller, stronger contact with self, others and our environment.


We are open to building alliances and partnerships with other organisations which define their overall purpose as transformational work whether that be in the personal and organisation development spheres, in the rapidly growing ecological movements, or in the wider psycho-spiritual space.

Please feel free to make contact and explore ideas and potential connections.

A Comprehensive Guide to Vertical Development

A Comprehensive Guide to Vertical Development

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Vertical Development in the Workplace

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Gestalt Coaching: Right Here, Right Now

Gestalt Coaching: Right Here, Right Now

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Psychological Dimensions To Executive Coaching

Psychological Dimensions To Executive Coaching

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