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Transformational Learning – Before & After

16th May 2018

“My work is very important to me but I invest so much in it that I can’t detach. I can’t switch off. At home they only get what’s left of me and I have a habit of retreating and opting out. I guess I see time at home as recovery time from work”... ...continue reading

Emotional Intelligence Leadership

16th May 2018

Sadly we all continue to meet highly capable, technically skilled leaders whose careers have stalled or derailed due to what was previously been seen as inadequate interpersonal skills, now better understood as emotional intelligence issues. ...continue reading

The Rationale

9th April 2019

It can make a real difference if you're are able to deepen your emotional and psychological development through exposure to an intensive growth experience. ...continue reading

Becoming a better leader Part 1. Understand Yourself

12th April 2019

The intensive structured exercise we use helps you to make more sense of how your life experiences, influences, patterns and themes show up in your leadership. It provides an opportunity to celebrate what you’re pleased about and consider what you still need to integrate ...continue reading

Becoming a better leader Part 4. Your lenses on life

9th April 2019

Potentially the most transformative of all the four spaces. Can produce a radical shift in how much you see and how you process it to find meaning. This is also a place where you begin to change the relationship you have with yourself as well as with others and the world ...continue reading

Gestalt approach to learning

12th April 2019

The transformative nature of this learning experience lies in the refinement of its design, content and approach, combined with the skill, expertise and experience of the course facilitators. Our unique methodology has been honed over many years of delivering leadership and professional development learning experiences ...continue reading


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