Is Courage and Spark© vertical or horizontal development, or both?

It’s both, though the stronger weighting is towards vertical, experiential learning. Developing the inner leader is a personal journey and requires that. Nonetheless, this learning experience will add to your conceptual understandings with some profound new thinking and expand your relationship network and future support system.

Vertical growth and development programmes of this quality that focus on developing psychological and emotional capital – consciousness, psychological-mindedness, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, hope and optimism, resilience and perspective – are few and far between.

We invite you to consider stepping into this important, transformative space.

“It changed the way I think about myself’

Horizontal Leadership Development

Learning in general, has been based on the premise that if we equip people with knowledge, skills, they will improve competency and performance

Vertical Leadership Development

Vertical development is inside-out learning and involves a quite different process – based on reflection, awareness-raising and personal insight.

Vertical development coaching – who’s it for, and what’s its purpose?

If vertical development is an issue for everyone, is vertical development coaching for everyone. Who is it for, and what’s its purpose?

Courage & Spark