Partnering with clients

Relationship and fit

We count ourselves fortunate to be partnering with a number of outstanding corporate clients where, together, we have built a strong relationship based on trust, openness and transparency.

Clearly this different approach doesn’t suit everyone, and chemistry always plays an important part. For these reasons we often have several meetings with a range of internal stakeholders in a Company before any decisions are made about contracting to work.

Tailored programmes

Courage and Spark© is the branded name of the programme although various corporate clients have commissioned tailored versions of it between 2010 and present time; some choosing to give it their own titles such as Leader in Me, Authentic Leadership and Personal Leadership.

Internal capacity building

Most clients also want to build internal capability to deliver the programme in the future and we welcome this. Typically this involves internals sitting in as an observer for a number of programmes and gradually taking on aspects of the facilitation over time. We combine this with a structured programme of trainer training sessions to equip our internal colleagues with the programme content and approach.

“Very skilled facilitators, warm, humble and amazing listeners and readers”.

“I feel re-­connected with myself and others again which is a great feeling”.

Courage & Spark