Emotional Intelligence Leadership

The ‘why didn’t I get this earlier’ scenario

Sadly we all continue to meet highly capable, technically skilled leaders whose careers have stalled or derailed due to what was previously been seen as inadequate interpersonal skills, now better understood as emotional intelligence issues.

Some have never really understood the root problem. Perhaps they received feedback at some stage but the significance eluded them or they simply didn’t know how to change. Many regret later that they didn’t find or use skilled help earlier.

Deeper personal development

The costs associated with this scenario are typically high for the individual concerned, those who work around him or her and to the organisation itself. And those costs invariable go beyond the work situation into wider life.

Engaging with this kind of deeper personal development work is important at any stage in life – and the earlier the better. The difference can literally be transformative.

“Very insightful and enables deep reflection. Putting the mirror upto oneself may not feel comfortable but its made very safe. A great programme, and I only wish I’d had this opportunity earlier in my life”.