Nial O’Reilly – Senior Leadership Consultant

Hailing from the west of Ireland Nial is an experienced core member of the Courage and Spark facilitation team.

His work as an executive coach and leadership trainer dates back 10 years following a twenty-five year banking career, the later years at an executive level.

Highly committed to his own learning and development and endlessly curious Nial has completed a wide range of developmental programmes including a Masters in Executive Coaching, the Harthill leadership profile and a number of psychometrics – to name just a few.

A deeply caring man with a humble, compassionate and witty personality Nial has an unusual ability to connect with people, and is a natural coach in both business and wider life.

In his own words …

“I approach my work from a position of unconditional positive regard and believe that each person has the potential to develop given the correct circumstances. You could say that my work is devoted to supporting people to enhance their performance through improved self-awareness, emotional intelligence and personal development”.