Supporting organisations and movements for social change and ecological justice.

Pro-bono reach-out.

Up to present time, we at Courage and Spark have offered our leadership development programmes, group and team facilitation, and developmental coaching to corporate clients, working with current and next-generation leaders in the service of developing more conscious, emotionally intelligent, resonant leaders; and more open, mature leadership cultures.

However, we are now broadening the scope of our mission to offer our experience and expertise in the service of the emergent social and ecological movements on a non-commercial basis.

Reaching out to social and ecological transformation movements

We are reaching out to leaders and members within organisations operating in the social and ecological transformation movements with an invitation to a conversation about how we may be able to make our own small contribution to your work.

One of the ways we can do this is by offering one-on-one developmental coaching, group facilitation, and transformative personal development programmes (workshops). Another contribution we might make is to train and develop people in coaching and facilitation skills.

Those people who take a leadership role at the heart of social and political transformation movements have developed a spacious capacity – a big engine – otherwise they, and others, wouldn’t survive and continue to make their mark. Nonetheless…

…it’s inevitable that leaders at the heart of social and political transformation will become over-stretched due to their passion for the cause and the seemingly endless work that they and others see in front of them. Also… because they are supporting so many other people, along with the emotional grief and other powerful feelings that are part and parcel of this work, they themselves need and deserve a level of professional skilled support that they may not always recognise, nor feel able to ask for.

To re-iterate, this is a non-commercial reach-out. Inevitably our resource capacity is finite; however, we want to help and encourage you to begin an exploratory conversation to see whether we can be of assistance.

Please contact Peter Bluckert directly on: [email protected]

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