Transformational learning

Before & After


“My work is very important to me but I invest so much in it that I can’t detach. I can’t switch off. At home they only get what’s left of me and I have a habit of retreating and opting out. I guess I see time at home as recovery time from work”.

“I believe I’m right too much and close myself off to learning. I need to change this”.

“I’m not in the relationship with colleagues that I want to be. I don’t share difficult things with them. I process it all on my own and then when I’ve got it sorted out and feel in control, that’s when I reveal what I’m thinking and feeling. This shuts everyone else out and means I don’t get any help. People don’t think I need any”.

“I guess I just see myself as a fixer and I hate to disappoint people. I have a fear of failing and letting people down”.

“I fear I’m not as good as the best so I often feel like an imposter.”

“I always feel a sense of duty and responsibility – it’s up to me to make things happen”.


“You cannot change to someone you’re not. I’ve finally stopped trying to be a person I’m not”.

“What I came to see was that my previous strategy of hiding myself could have a worse consequence than taking the risk to show myself. By showing myself I risked losing my job – and I definitely didn’t want that. But by not showing myself, I risked losing myself”.

“The intensity of the week was huge. I am in such admiration of what you are doing and I want to say that I think you and the whole team are just very special people”.

“I’m feeling motivated again with a good energy”.

“I feel more freedom of choice, not trapped and captured as I felt before”.

“I’ve realised that I’m not really controlling anything. I thought I was – but it was an illusion”.

“In the past I worried too much and was really stressed. I’m a different person now – more accepting of things that have happened in the past”.

“I have found that I am much calmer and do still feel a real feeling of having let something pretty big go last week and treasure my feedback which helps me with any moments of self-­doubt”.

“I will always be indebted to you and what you helped me deal with, it changed my life… Seriously!”

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