What develops in vertical development coaching?

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  1. Heightened awareness and expanded consciousness. Awareness is the cornerstone of the developmental process – a key focus and outcome of all personal growth work. Heightened awareness increases self-understanding and the capacity to tune into others. It expands what you can see, have real choice about and what you can act on, or choose not to. What was once invisible becomes visible and we’ve all experienced this. Whilst we may say – ‘people don’t really change,’ it only takes a moment to recognise this is simply not the case for most people. Think about yourself twenty years ago, then ten, then five, then one. You might even see significant changes in yourself in the last few months or weeks.
  2. Sensemaking and perspective. Whilst being able to see more, and see differently, is an important part of the story, letting in other people’s perspectives, and potentially being changed by them is equally important. This is one of the ways your lenses and filters change, and when that happens, the world literally starts to look like a different place. New understandings emerge and your meaning and sensemaking becomes more complex and sophisticated. And it really takes on a new dimension when you can step outside yourself in the moment and take a perspective on your own perspective-taking and speak from that place.
  3. Greater spaciousness in yourself and for others. This often shows up as a greater openness, more generosity of heart and an expanded ability to ‘hold’ other people and situations when the situation requires it – and be able to do this without it draining your energy or resulting in resentment.
  4. New capacities. Important new capacities develop during the journey of vertical growth and development. Depending on your current developmental stage, these include:
    • Reflection and inquiry
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Relational skill and know-how
    • Influencing skills
    • Conflict management
    • Systems perspective
    • Dealing with complexity
    • Visioning
    • Leading larger-scale transformational change
  5. A clearer life vision and a stronger connection with purpose. At different developmental stages, people’s sense of purpose can change. As a consequence, new questions arise, which may not go away until you find resolution. Finding the people and right times for these conversations can be a challenge for many people and a key reason why life purpose so often shows up in coaching conversations.
  6. A lighter rucksack. Everyone carries one: the question is more about the size and the weight of it. Freedom from being captured by your unfinished business, your shadow side, your unconscious projections onto others; your fears and anxieties; this freedom can be life-changing and vertical development coaching, depending on the skill-sets and depth-psychology background of the coach, can provide the holding space to open the rucksack and lighten the load.

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